Having fun in the country!

This weekend my lovely owners took me to visit their parents in Somerset!

The air was so clean and the grass so green! We walked all the way to the top of the hill where I looked out across the land! You could even see Glastonbury Tor in the distance!

There was this big old tree that had fallen down as well, which I jumped around and played on. I’m pretty sure it was used by rabbits, squirrels, foxes or badgers as it smelt so interesting!

A treat in the sun

Today the weather was wonderful, so sunny and hot! The morning started of by a nice long walk where I was “King Of The Hill”. I dropped my ball in the river…. so of course I went to get it! Fred wasn’t particularly pleased, I can’t work out why! Then I was able to spend all afternoon outside in the garden, and then at 4 O’clock the ice cream van came, and I was treated to my very own Mr Whippy!

[KGVID width=”224″ height=”128″]http://www.simbathedog.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/IMG_1451.mov[/KGVID]

My best girl Georgie

Today I went over to Georgie’s house. We both jumped in my new car and drove to “Dinton Pastures”. It was wonderful, we played games and jumped around but then, to be honest, life is tough and it was so hot we had to lie¬†down!

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