Woof! (“Hello!”) I’m Simba, the white labradoodle from Woking!

Welcome to my website, where you will be able to find photos, and sometimes videos, of what I’ve been getting up to, and the occasional blog post, when I put some time to it.

Usually I’m sitting, lying or sleeping somewhere around my manor, either in the garden by the shed, or at the top of the stairs on top of the hot water pipes for the bathroom!

If you want to write to me, you can send me an email via my contact page! I’m always happy to meet new friends.

Bye for now!

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Fred is a Web Developer & Media Producer. He has 10 years experience working in web development, with expertise in Wordpress, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, SEO and many more key aspects that need to be pulled together to help a brand thrive online. He lives in Surrey with his wife and a Labradoodle!

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