An Ikea weekend and a new carpet

This weekend was very windy. My owners had a mission on their hands. They had to make a wardrobe!

So I guarded the house while they quickly drove to Ikea!

When they came back there was lots of drilling and other noises! I didn’t really help, instead I decided I’d sleep as close to them as possible!

But look at the results!

Plus they even bought me a new rug to sleep on in their bedroom! Aren’t they nice!

Having fun in the country!

This weekend my lovely owners took me to visit their parents in Somerset!

The air was so clean and the grass so green! We walked all the way to the top of the hill where I looked out across the land! You could even see Glastonbury Tor in the distance!

There was this big old tree that had fallen down as well, which I jumped around and played on. I’m pretty sure it was used by rabbits, squirrels, foxes or badgers as it smelt so interesting!